What I learned on the last weekend of summer.

1.  The babysitting course is as good for me as it is for my 10 yr old daughter Rosa.  FREEEEEEEEEEDOM. 


2.  My soccer team starts to actually “play” soccer during the last game of the season, and we still lose. We suck but damn are we fun.


3.  My kids blend really well with the Old Navy children mannequins.


4.  Erica Cherney should be Prime Minister.  I had the pleasure of visiting her and Graham Hart on Saturday and she is, just as many of us suspected, continuing to show cancer who’s boss and kicking its stupid ass.


5.  Riverside park in East City, is wicked cool.  Go Tigers go.  My sister thought the 3rd base coach was possessed, until we told her he can’t yell across the field to tell the 1st baseman when and how to steal 2nd.  She’s older but clearly not wiser.


6.  My babysitting daughter came up with a cool new term #Famie, in place of the #selfie. Also the people who jump off the Young’s Point bridge are crazy.


7.  Happiness is…freshly baked cheese sticks from Young’s Point General Store.


8. Not actually running a 10km before you run a 10km race is not a great idea.

9. 27 years ago my Dad lost a bet, and ran the Douro Doings 10km race.  I watched him lose that day to a 9 year old girl, Nancy Towns.  Today I ran that race and lost to a nine year girl named Grace.  Some things never change.  


10.  I hate lunches.  No really, I mean that in the meanest possible way. Die lunches die.

Have a great first day back kids, parents and everyone else who may be starting something new. Drive safe!




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