What I Learned on the Weekend…

1.  Kawartha Settlers Village in Bobcaygeon was a big hit with my kids. I’m thinking this would make a good album cover for whenever they decide to make an album.


2. New cleats surprisingly did help my soccer game.  We are still the worst team, and I am still a lousy player, but I was just less lousy, because let’s face it, new shoes fix everything. Really.


3. I am never listening to Ryan Crowley’s movie “rating” system advice again. Guardians of the Galaxy was AWESOME, but NOT for a 7yr old and a 4 yr old. Ryan, are you trying to raise a society of alien shooting violent criminals?  I am GROOOOOT.


4.  Two Dishes Cookshop (@twodishes) on Charlotte Street in Peterborough, Ontario has realllly good food.


5.  I am reminded yet again that my daughter has a great mentor and Godmother.  She, Alessandra Ferreri (@bookstylist) is working on something sooooo amazing with my hubby and many others in this community that I can’t wait for it to be released..hint: it’s “grossly funny”.


6.  EVERYONE should do this.


7. Hot tub to pool, back to hot tub back to pool, back to hot tub back to pool jumping is high on the best fun ever list.


8.  My arms are better than a selfie stick.  If you don’t know what that is, google it. #mindblown


9. Summer vacation is almost over, and the evenings are ending tooooooo soon.


10.  I love Dr. Suess.




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