1. The Lakefield Sidewalk Sale has created a divide with some of the local business owners.  I want everyone to get along and prosper, so sit down and talk.  The idea of it in Isabel Morris Park sounds good, no? In the meantime, I love this orange hat from the Millbank Trading Company in Lakefield.


2.  Apparently I live under a rock because I had no idea what this black spaceship thing was. Sorry Sam Tweedle.  Once they told me it’s from “Dr Who”, I knew you would be disgusted with me.


3. Gluten free Spider Man chocolate cake is as good or better than non gluten free spider man chocolate cake.


4.  A skinny pig/water hippo/hairless guinea pig looks a lot like my old dog Gertie.  So ugly it’s cute.


5. According to the “Zoo to You”, girl Brianna, (which is a great idea for birthday parties btw, http://www.zootoyou.ca), if you drop a tarantula it will shatter because it has an exoskeleton. So you have to be realllllly still when she puts it on your head.


6.  I prefer snakes on my feet. Ya ya call the animal activists.


7.  Tubing with my 17 yr old niece,  Elizabeth was….well terrifying and electrifying.


8. You CAN maintain almost a 90 degree angle while on a tube WITHOUT falling off. No, I do not have a picture of this, but if you can visualize, Elizabeth’s head skimming the water, with my buttocks in the air, and both of us hanging on for dear life.

9.  There are about 67 different activities you can do with a ball in 4 minutes with kids. There are also 67 great fights that can start over a ball in 3 minutes. Nonetheless it’s a great “goody bag” idea.


10.  I’m pretty sure some locals in Lakefield, never read past number one, and are probably cursing me for my “2sense” right now.


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