Why Wheat Free?

I get asked this A LOT.  In fall of 2012, my husband brought home the book “Wheat Belly” by William Davis M.D.  He read it and said “that’s it, I’m going off of wheat”.  “Well that sounds fun” I said, “I guess we’ll eat NOTHING then.”  Actually if we didn’t have to eat, life would be soo much easier.  It’s soooo necessary and it drives me crazeeeee!!!

Anyway back to wheat free…my whole life I have struggled with indigestion, bloating and an upset stomach.   I really just thought that’s how life was,  but after I slowly began to wean myself from wheat, not gluten btw, I started to feel significantly better and leaner.

Now I suggest taking it slow, and don’t try it all at once because it’s too hard in my opinion. But with all of the options that are now available, it’s way easier than you think.  So what do I eat? Here are some of my faves.

Salad…alot of it…and I crave it really.  My fave is argula, goat cheese, apple, walnuts and whatever else is in the fridge.


One of my fave meals/snacks is greek yogourt with almond butter, honey, berries, fresh or frozen berries and granola on top.  Careful, this is better than most desserts and is highly addictive!


Protein shakes with everything in it.  Remember a banana will trump almost any flavour, so if you want the benefit of kale but don’t like the taste, just put a banana in it.



Wheat free pizza..Pizza Nova has an absolutely delicious one.


Roasted almonds.  Buy plain almonds, bake in the oven for about 12 minutes at 350…the flavour is amazing!!!





Rice/corn or quinoa pasta.



Corn chips and salsa.

Plain chips and tzatziki.


There’s a lot you can eat, and if you think eating salad all the time is for rabbits and not filling enough, you are WRONGO.  Honestly, a wholesome salad can fill you up and keep you satisfied much longer than many other meals. Adding cheese and or meat and nuts also really helps fill you up  and don’t be afraid to throw in some fruit for those of you with a sweet tooth.  The key is don’t wait till you’re hungry, by then it’s too late. Your self control will be out the window and you’ll grab something crappy and usually full of sugar. It also reallllly helps if you have a supportive partner alongside you.  If one of you is eating junk and the other is making a conscious effort to eat better, it’s tough.  Get on the same page! It’s better for your relationship and way more fun.



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