What I learned on the Weekend…

I’ve decided to make this a weekly Monday entry, so there.

1. I finally watched “The Secret”, you know that famous book that changed so many peoples’ lives.  Well, I watched the doc on Netflix and it was good.  Positive thinking really is the route to travel. I think most Yogis have tapped into “The Secret”, being thankful for what you have, focusing on the positives rather than the negatives and sending a message to the universe of what you really want. I am planning on being really famous and rich by September.

2.  After I discovered “The Secret” I watched Katy Perry’s documentary. She’s cool, but her message said to me “you can’t have it all…at once.”  So I guess I’ll just be really rich in September.


3.  I like the term “groupie” better than “selfie”.



4.  Young’s Point is really fun to visit on the boat.  We took the kids and had the best ever fresh warm cheese sticks from the general store.

5.  My dog is a pain in the ass when you take him out on the boat and into a general store, and attracts more attention than a naked woman.


6.  I found a picture of a person in a field while exploring with my fam jam and thought it was weird and creepy.  I also wonder if you know who this person is?


7.  My kids are my best friends.  We fight and make up a lot and can’t live without each other.

8. My husband’s artwork is more captivating than an ipad or anything in the world.


9.  Training for the Douro Doings 10k was a bad idea.


10.  I am happy and sad that I wasn’t at Boots N’ Hearts.


P.S. Be sure to follow my blog. I will have 4 tickets to Santa’s Village in Bracebridge to giveaway this Friday!



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