Is The Electronic Age Hurting or Helping Our Kids??


My three kids are tech saavy, and yes they grab a photograph and try to make it bigger with two fingers.  My issue with electronics, in particular the phone, ipad, tablet, and ipod is how it turns anyone who’s using it into a zombie, not just kids.  Think about how you react when you have your head buried in your phone texting away, and your kids or friends ask you a question, how do you usually repsond?  Well I know I’m short, aggravated and not that considerate.  Texting is talking to someone else, so trying to maintain two conversations or more is not easy.  Now throw in a videogame.  I was of the era when Nintendo was released and I can remember hours, literally hours trying to reach the next level of Super Mario, or Tetris, with no eating or communicating with anyone.  Today the electronics follow us, they are not hardwired to one spot.  Now I know most of you all know this, but I think as parents and caregivers going into the last month of summer holidays, it’s pretty easy to hand over the ipad or ipod so you can have a break.  My boys, aged 7 and 4 are significantly more aggressive after a game and it really is like crack trying to get it away from them; “mom just a sec, I just have to get this guy, Mom one sec I almost have it, I swear, just a minute, I just HAVE to finish it”.

Our rule is time limits, each kid has his or her turn for a set amount of time, if they don’t give up the crack when it’s time, then it’s gone. We also try to go a few days without using it.  During the school months we don’t have any TV or video games until the weekend, which works great because it becomes a treat rather then an expectation.

And don’t forget about yourself, sometimes I think if I don’t have my phone in my hand all the time, I might just spontaneously combust.  I won’t, and neither will you.  Living in the moment is kinda underrated these days, even though I had to use my phone to get these “in the moment” pics.




Ohh look a face to face conversation…neat-O
Using her ipod to take pics of the beautiful landscape..








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