3180km Later….

“MAWWWWM, are we in CHINA??”  The innocent and genuine words from my beautiful 4 yr old at about the 6.5 hour mark on the way home from Saint John New Brunswick…take into consideration we travelled 15 hours there and 3 hours the day before to St. Andrews to whale watch.  It was a last minute trip, and I am sooo happy we did it.  Sans hubby but plus a Grandma, an Aunt and a Neice we made memories that’s for sure! Just thought I would share some tidbits I noticed while on route:

1. Most of Quebec doesn’t like me, perhaps its because I’m from Ontario?

2. New Brunswick has ALOT of trees and expansive highways with no cars or trucks on them.

3.  I never saw a moose despite a gazillion signs that said I would.

4.  According to my kids, there are 63 Tim Hortons from Lakefield to Saint John.



5.  The people of New Brunswick are unique.  Abrupt like the french but as kind as the folk from Douro, they would literally give you their shirt if you needed it.

6.  There are only white people in New Brunswick.

7.  St Andrews is GORGEOUS! The Algonquin Hotel is GORGEOUS.


8. 4 yr olds might pee their pants while whale watching.

9. Saint John reminds me of Trenton, that is not an insult btw, I LOVE Trenton.

10.  The Hampton Inn & Suites in Saint John is a lovely clean perfect family hotel with a waterslide and an awesome woman named Pam Mabee who manages it.



11.  My Mom is awesome.

12. My sister and neice are awesome.



13. I really love spending time with my kids.

14. People get really crabby when you race your 7 yr old down the hotel hallway at 10pm.

15. There are no hotels available Saturday July 26th in Quebec anywhere.  You should prebook more then an hour before, but IF you can find a room, it will have a garbage view room.



16.  I had an amazing time.


Stay tuned for the montage video.


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