Seriously stop talking about it and DO IT.
I write this while I watch my elated kids play in a hotel pool in St John New Brunswick. My neice is playing on the Ontario ball hockey team which is competing here this week. So after hmmming and haaaaing I said “why not” I am on a leave of absence to spend quality time with my kids, and what a great opportunity to see some of our beautiful country, so we packed our bags and off we went. My kids are 10, 7 & 4 and love to travel. We had a biiiig chat about just how far we were driving and honestly not once did they ask “are we there yet?”. We packed a journal to write in, rented movies and books from the library and brought the iPad. I do have my Mom with me and my sister and niece followed in another vehicle so that’s a big help! But I really attribute my kids great behaviour to expectations…telling kids what is going to happen and when (give specific times, i.e. When the clock says… It’s your turn to play the iPad or whatever) makes them feel in control and a part of what’s happening.

So often we tell our kids “hurry up, come on we’re gonna be late” but we rarely explain why or how, so pretty soon we sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, and no one listens, parents get aggravated and everyone acts out. Sooo take a few extra seconds to explain why we need to hurry or why they need to eat something healthy before gorging on a bag of candy, you will be impressed with how mature your kids really are…










4 thoughts on “JUST DO IT!

  1. Michelle I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon your blogs but I did and it makes me smile and relate all to well. We have met in passing with our kids in different sports, plays, dance etc . Peterborough being such a small town how could you not. As I read your post about kids and travelling I must agree with you 110% about how mature our kids can be. Bring a recently seperated mom of 3 kids (twins 12 & a 10 yr old) I decided to take the challenge and drive to FL solo last March break. Was I crazy probably ya but I needed to get away, and driving was way more affordable than flying so it was my challenge. My children were amazying, they became young adults who navigated me through construction, wrong turns etc. we stopped in each state and took our picture at each rest station under the “Welcome To” signs. Did they love it.. not a chance but they did it..for me. That trip was an eye opener for me, our children are what we make them and teach them, they truly are the inspiration in my life thru this tough time. I worked part-time and increased my hours after my marriage ended. I have made the decision to go back part time in the fall after 24 months of trying to do everything and still keep smiling. Life is about balance and being able to have the best of both works work and being home with my kids is the best job in the world and I look forward to that life again very soon. Enjoy your time off with your kids they will love it more than you will ever know!!!

  2. I wished I had done it when my kids were younger..they are now 16 and 17, have jobs, their own friends and lives and vacations don’t really happen.. enjoy your leave and every minute on the Lake and other places your journey takes you

  3. Always love reading your blog. I am working on Mike to road trip it out west next summer. I keep saying, Why not? Just like you did. And to be honest I really haven’t heard a good reason why we shouldn’t go. I totally agree with you that we should give our children more credit. They really do rise to the occasion when you keep them in the loop and explain what lies ahead. Looking forward to reading more!

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