Looking Fine on a Dime…well $4 if you want to get specific.

Sooo last year, the lovely Tia Star closed her boutique in Peterborough.  She really is a star, a great person and she had great clothes!! Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones who cashed in on her closing sale, she was practically giving her stuff away, great Canadian Labels too!  My advice is, if you can, scoop up as much as you can when deals like this present itself.  I scooped up so much that day, that I JUST found this gem of an outfit in my closet! I paid a measley $4 for this jumper and honestly it can be worn tons of different ways, belt, no belt, flats, highheels, coloured accessories, no colour and the options go on.

This time of year is a great opportunity to cash in on deals, in between seasons, retailers have lots of sales, so take advantage.  I bought this outfit on a cool fall day, but knew it would be great on a hot summer July night. So if you can stomach winter boots, winter jackets (snow suits for the kids) now is the time, you will pay less!  And always search out a clearance rack..almost all retailers have them!  Happy Shopping!

Oh and P.S the earrings were a $1.00 (seriously)  at Suzy Shier in Lansdowne Place (www.lansdowneplace.com), shoes are Alfred Sung from Zellers $15 and necklace is from Stella & Dot…my girl Jacy Barillari can hook you up! (http://www.stelladot.com/sites/jacybarillari)


With my daughter Rosa at 4th Line Theatre! http://www.4thlinetheatre.on.ca
Charlie's Angels called....
I love neutral pieces because they are timeless and you can always add colour with accessories!



3 thoughts on “Looking Fine on a Dime…well $4 if you want to get specific.

  1. I was there alongside you, stripping down to our smalls in any space we could find to snap up the bargains – came away with a huge loot and paid $40 for the lot! LOVE IT!

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