I’ll just put this 25lb very heavy chair down right heeeeeeerreeeee.

Me:”*Gasp*! Oh my *huge inhale sucking sound*”

Husband:”Tell me you DID NOT just drop that chair on your *looks down* OH MY GOD! Sweet Jesus, what have you done?”

Yes it was slightly terrifying at the time, I really thought I chopped the top of my toe off, I didn’t,  but MAN DID IT HURT! And boy is it UUUUUGGGGGGLY.  So what should I do? Some would go to the hospital, but not I, no, no, why go to emerg, when you can facetime your bestie who IS an emerg nurse. After cursing that I wasn’t holding the phone steady enough for her “to really tell what was wrong” she said put the night in and see how it is in the morning.  Hubby cleaned it and bandaged it while my children looked on in horror, and I had a lousy sleep.

Fast forward to the next morning, and I live up to my klutz extraordinaire rep and accidentally rip the gauze off while stumbling in a morning haze.  Now that HURT, like labour pain hurt. I crumpled and knew I needed drugs and medical intervention, my nail was hanging by a thread of bloody skin (see appendix 2 if you can stomach it).  So I phoned the Jane Furber Urgent Care Clinic in Douro Dummer, 705-651-5000.  A lovely lady named Kim answered the phone and asked if I could come now (it was Canada Day too!). I was there in 15min, walked in waited 2 minutes and N.P. Graeme Harlick retrieved me in the waiting room (after oohhing and awwing and asking WHAT DID YOU DO?) I told him I had the zombie virus, he didn’t bite.

15 minutes later I had three freezing needles, my toe nail was gone, I had a tetanus shot, my pain was a distant memory and I had a beautiful clean bandage.  The moral of my story: well there’s two; don’t drop a chair on your toe, and USE THE JANE FURBER URGENT CARE CLINIC in Douro Dummer located on Strickland St !  I do have a regular family Dr in Peterborough, and the JFC still saw me!  My toe is healing nicely btw, now I just need to find someone to tatoo me a toenail;)




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