Rad Fad?

Coco for Coconut Oil
Rosa getting “coconut oiled”
Coco for coconut oil

Ya I think it is, I think coconut oil is a rad fad.

So I’m not a fan of sunscreen, my “spidey” senses tell me ” hey has anyone thought maybe the loooong list of chemicals in sunscreen is perhaps a contributing factor in the increase of skin cancer?”

I know, dermatologists unite and start the bonfire, but honestly there has to be something more natural.  My 81 yr old Sicilan father in law has never touched sunscreen (one of his many proud rants) and the man could easily pass for 15 if not more years his junior.  So he’s Sicilan, and genetics must play a role in the skin cancer factor but when Jessica France of Stoney Lake Wellness suggested coconut oil as a natural sunscreen I said sure, worse case scenario I cook with the stuff if I don’t like it. Turns out it’s true… I would suggest working up to it and not basking in direct sunlight (ever for that matter), but coconut oil is the new go-to in our home.

We live on the lake and my 3 kids have yet to suffer a sunburn…also FYI I have replaced my body cream with coconut oil…I bought a 2 gallon jar of it, fragranced it with natural vanilla and lavender from my brothers garden and I have to say my skin is glorious!

I posted my “coconut oil as a sunscreen” epiphany on Facebook and was flooded with agreement, my one friend Joanne said her relatives in the Caribbean swear by it and my other gorgeous girlfriend, Nikki, who’s East Indian was singing the praise of coconut oil every time I complimented her on her flawless skin and hair.  It appears coconut oil is one step away from bringing world peace;)


Up next on MF’s 2 sense…my water skiing adventure as documented on video by Rosa, my “dramatic” 10 yr old daughter.


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