You’re WHAAAAAT? Taking a leave?

Yes I’m officially on a leave of absence from CHEX Television, and for all of you peeps out there who have sent personal and public messages of support..thank you.  A very tough decision but  aren’t all decisions that affect our kids, bank accounts and marriage tough?

Why did I leave you ask?  No one is sick or anything like that, it was simply time to SLOW DOWN and live in the now.  After launching a brand new hour long, live daily show and living through full renovations, I needed to get re-centered and give my three kids their  semi sane mother back.  I was leaving the house at 8am and getting home at 7pm, cooking dinner, homework, bath and bed by 8pm…ya right.  So here I am now wondering how I found time to work, when my days are so full of mothering, living and actually listening when my kids talk.

So be prepared I will be writing about life, fashion, parenting, finances and more and would love you to join me.  I need you, I am a social butterfly and feed on interaction.  So add your 2 sense and together we just may make some actual sense.

The 3 little pigs....bringing serenity.
The 3 little pigs….bringing serenity.



10 thoughts on “You’re WHAAAAAT? Taking a leave?

  1. Michelle. You are a beautiful person inside and out. As I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision you made but being home with your kids is going to beat any paycheque. As my little cousin I’ve always looked up to and have had the honor and pleasure to grow with you. I’m proud of you watching you become the woman you are. I can’t wait to hear more about this journey you are on. Enjoy life. Live everyday. Love ya.

  2. A very good, timely and great decision made Michelle! I do remember those days myself. Working full time out of the home plus full time inside of it, plus all that it came with it; and the end result was one of a mayor burnt out mom. this took a long time for me to get back on my feet and even today I still trying each day to make it better. May all comes back together for you, and thanks God that you listen to your body telling you that it was time to consider your options, a wise decision for sure. 😀

  3. I’ve always thought you had the perfect job and I know it was wonderful for you in so many ways. It takes courage to change things up, however you decide to do it. If you need a stand in for your leave, I know someone. Hehehe Cheers, Sharon

  4. Great intro MF. I cant’ wait to read more. You’re doing the right thing and I can’t hardly wait to see what comes of it.

  5. I wish I had the courage to do what you are doing so many years ago. You are a brave woman! I didn’t have the safety net when I was burnt out and asking for help. You go girl! Wishing you Adriano and the kids a wonderful summer 🙂

  6. Michelle, for various reasons I made that choice a few times when my girls were growing up. If you ask them now as adults what meant the most to them, it was their father’s and my time. They remember very little about things purchased for them, but remember trips taken, shopping sessions, lunch out once in a while, etc. The other memory they have is us taking turns and me taking one daughter and my husband taking the other and doing some one on one time with each, It made them feel that they didn’t have to share the time and got quality chat, laugh and serious times with the one parent. We would then switch daughters the next week or weekend.
    I admire you for making this decision. How are your kids feeling about it? Happy comes to mind! Best wishes!

  7. That’s wonderful, Michelle! Someone once said “you can have it all, but not all at the same time”. You’ve got amazing things happening with your career, and now you get to pause it for a bit and devote more “quantity time” to family, which is great. Hope you enjoy your leave!

  8. Well done you. This is time you can never get back and you will always be glad you took it. We’ll miss you but your family will have you!!

  9. Hey Ferrer! A little while ago I had gotten a job that I liiked okay, it wasn’t the dream job but it was okay. I worked mostly nights though and My girl Mary (who still remembers and wants to see Rosa) seemed to be fine with it. She was actually spending time with her grandmother and her aunt and uncle and cousins in their nice big always clean house. But then one day my sister-in-law found her writing somethng on a wall in her home and immediiately sent her off with a sharp word. When she went to wash it off she found my daughter had written “I’m so lonely”. I quit the job. Mary is happier, Now all I have to do is convince the government that it’s good for moms or dads to stay home with their young kids so that, like Mary and I, we don’t always have to worry whether we can pay the rent AND have electricity this month. But that’s a whole other story. You did the right thing.

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